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folder-icon Are Apologia’s Live Classes accredited? folder-icon Are Apologia’s Live Classes a school? folder-icon Are discounts available for Live Classes? folder-icon Are discounts available for textbook purchases? folder-icon Are lab experiments performed in Live Classes? folder-icon Are Live Classes considered AP? folder-icon Are Live Classes recorded and available on-demand? folder-icon Are payment plans available? folder-icon Are refunds available if I need to withdraw or drop a student? folder-icon Are there costs NOT included in each class tuition? folder-icon Are there required textbooks and materials in addition to the live classes? folder-icon Can elementary students take Live Classes? folder-icon Can international students take Live Classes? Are there special instructions for registration? folder-icon Can I transfer my Live Class registration to a Self-Paced Course or a Recorded Class? folder-icon Do Apologia’s Live Classes receive good reviews? folder-icon Do Apologia’s Live Classes serve as a full service school? folder-icon Do you have recommended grade levels for your classes? Is there a sequence or order of classes to take? folder-icon How are the labs graded? folder-icon How can I contact someone with a specific question about Apologia Live Classes? folder-icon How does grading work? folder-icon How do I access my account information? folder-icon How do I add a student to my account? folder-icon How do I apply a promo code for Live Classes? folder-icon How do I register for a class? folder-icon How do I sign up with a payment plan? folder-icon How do I transfer to a different Live Class? folder-icon How long are classes, and how many class meetings are there throughout the semester? folder-icon How many credits are your classes worth? folder-icon In what time zone are Live Classes held? folder-icon Is there a student portal? folder-icon What am I paying for when I enroll in graded courses? folder-icon What are the features of Apologia’s Live Classes? folder-icon What does it cost for a live, teacher-graded course? folder-icon What happens if a teacher is unavailable for a live class session? folder-icon What if I cannot fit the class day and time into my schedule? folder-icon What speed internet do I need for Live Classes? folder-icon Why are there cancellation fees? folder-icon Why can’t we refund you when you forget to apply a promo code discount? folder-icon Will my student be on audio and video in a Live Class?
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