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folder-icon Are there lesson plans to accompany the courses? folder-icon Are you still selling Writers in Residence and Readers in Residence? folder-icon Can I preview Apologia curriculum before buying? folder-icon Can the advanced science classes be used in place of the regular science classes to offer a more rigorous course load? folder-icon Do we have to do real dissections? Why can’t we just watch them online? folder-icon Do you have a discount for large orders? folder-icon Do you have a document listing course descriptions and content? folder-icon Do you have a scope and sequence for your courses? folder-icon Do you offer a military discount? folder-icon Do you offer a ministry discount? folder-icon Do you offer a missionary discount? folder-icon How can I contact Customer Service? folder-icon How can I reset my Book Extras password? folder-icon How do I access Book Extras? folder-icon How do I use the module summaries? folder-icon How long will dissection specimens last? Do I need to refrigerate them? folder-icon How to Write a Lab Report Video and Examples folder-icon If we cannot see atoms, how do we know what they look like? folder-icon What are the specifications of the microscope Apologia sells for the biology courses? folder-icon What is your statement of faith? folder-icon Where are the answers to the On Your Own questions? folder-icon Where are the answers to the questions asked in the middle school student notebooks and how can these notebooks be used best? folder-icon Where can I find corrections for your books – Errata? folder-icon Which Bible translation does Apologia use? folder-icon Which science course should we use for each grade level in junior high and high school? folder-icon Why did you switch your science textbooks to a softcover version? folder-icon Why does Apologia publish new editions?
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