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Are the labs in Exploring Creation with Chemistry really college prep?
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Certainly, the lab equipment isĀ not what you will find in a classroom, but most homeschooling parents do not have the thousands of dollars it would take to obtain the proper glassware and chemicals. Even then, it would be illegal, as you cannot order the proper chemicals without an OSHA-approved storage facility and the proper licenses.


Nevertheless, the course still includesĀ the standard high school experiments: acid/base titrations,Ā measurements of the width of a molecule,Ā ideal gas law experiments, etc. They are just done with simpler glassware.


We receiveĀ emails from students who have tested out of freshman chemistry (with the AP, CLEP, and university-specific tests) after using our chemistry and advanced chemistry courses. Those taking college-level chemistry courses will learn what is needed in the lab courses they are required to take. For high school chemistry,Ā the lab is a minor component of the course, and the success of college students who have used this courseĀ seems to confirm that.

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