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Why can't I access the videos within my course?
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If you are having issues accessing your Self-Paced Course video instruction, please try the following troubleshooting ideas below:


  • Clean out your cache. This often is the problem. Instructions can be found here.
  • Check to see if your browser and device meet Canvas requirements.
  • Update your browser. Instructions can be found here for individual browsers. 
  • Try a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge). Please note that Safari does not work well with the Canvas platform.
  • Try a different device.
  • Check your internet connection. If your internet connection is too slow, you might not be able to access the videos. Try connecting to the internet using an ethernet cable rather than the Wi-Fi. 
  • Remove your antivirus, parental control blocker, or other programs that may be blocking access to since that is the platform we use for the videos within the Self-Paced Courses. 
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