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What are the advantages of using this technology?
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Self-Paced courses seamlessly integrate the textbook, instructional videos, tests and solutions, and audiobook on one easy-to-use digital platform, conveniently placing each of these powerful tools at your student’s fingertips.


Courses can be accessed on both desktop (recommended) and mobile devices, including tablets. Learning can take place away from home or on the road with an internet-ready device and an internet connection.


Exams are administered online through the course portal. All exams are graded automatically, and the student’s scores recorded instantly. You, as the parent, must determine what is best for your student taking this Self-Paced course. There is space for recording all the student’s course grades in the corresponding Student Notebook, which is available here. We have also provided a grading chart located on the home page under "Grading Notes" within “about Self-Paced."  Any scores earned for the experiments must be manually added to the student’s score for the course.


The Student Notebook provides detailed instructions on how to use the exam and lab scores to determine a final course grade for the student’s transcript. Once the student has finished the course, it is important that you print the student’s final grade report for your records. Grades are not stored in the system after the one-year subscription period has closed.


Your student can start a course anytime during the year and work at his or her own pace, as long as the course is completed within one calendar year from the date of purchase.


Like all Apologia curriculum, our Self-Paced courses are presented from a biblical worldview. Our philosophy is that all academic subjects can and should be taught from a biblical perspective.

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